Fast, reliable, and secure ADA stake pool on the Cardano blockchain—backed by the 99.9% uptime guarantee of Amazon Web Services and operated by the team at Viper Science.
Ticker: VIPER
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More information about our pool can be found at the Official Shelly Block Explorer.

Low Fees

Our pool has a fixed fee of 25 ADA plus a 2% variable fee. This low fee structure distributes ~98% of the block rewards each epoch to our delegators, e.g., if the pool produces 10 blocks in an epoch, the effective tax rate is ~2.25%.

High Reliability

We operate VIPER stake pool on Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud servers for guaranteed hardware performance and security. Multiple failover nodes are maintained and monitored by custom software to ensure reliability.

Open Communication

Join our Telegram channel or follow us on Twitter to receive pool announcements and to ask us questions! You can also, interact directly with our Telegram bot. We look forward to hearing from you!

Remember, real stake pools will never charge you for staking, and do not have access to your ADA! Pools collect a fee by taxing the block rewards before distributing it to the delegators. Read more about how pools take their payments here.


Stats are also published daily in our Telegram channel.

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Pool stats update every 60 seconds and are provided courtesy of
Disclaimer: We can only provide current and past performance data; we cannot guarantee future Return on Stake (ROS).


We've developed several resources to aid you in your ADA staking journey. Please enjoy and send us feedback!

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Step-by-step tutorial explaining how to get up and running earning real rewards with the Yoroi wallet on the incentivized testnet (ITN).

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How to Select a Stake Pool (ITN)

A Reddit post providing details to consider when selecting a stake pool on the incentivized testnet (ITN).

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How Pools Take Fees (ITN)

A Reddit post describing how stake pools compute fees on the incentivized testnet (ITN).

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The Team

Constantly working to ensure your ADA works for you!

Dylan Crocker, Ph.D.

Pool Operator

Willie Marchetto

Pool Operator

Hello, I've been a part of the Cardano community since early 2018, when I purchased some of my first ADA at over 40 cents! Ever since learning about the project, I've wanted to run a stake pool and help decentralize what I believe to be the best cryptocurrency project in the world. My background is electrical engineering, in which I have a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech. Through my work on high-performance electromagnetic simulations, I developed my Linux sysadmin skills. Thank you for considering the VIPER stake pool! - Dylan

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Our primary forms of communication with delegators are listed below.
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