About Us

Viper Science develops cryptocurrency tools and services and operates high performance stake pools on the Cardano blockchain. We also offer engineering services for blockchain development, stake pool administration, and engineering system design.

Dylan Crocker

PhD Electrical Engineering

[email protected]

Dylan is an Electrical Engineer with experience in antenna and radar system design as well as software development. He earned a PhD in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Computer Science, from Georgia Tech. His PhD research focused on ultra-wideband antenna design. Dylan got started building in the Cardano ecosystem when running a stake pool during the Incentivized Testnet in 2019. His most recent work includes an open source implementation of Cardano primitives written in modern C++.

Willie Marchetto

MS Astronautical Engineering

[email protected]

Willie is a computer & astronautical engineer experienced in designing, developing, integrating, & deploying electronics and software for satellites, embedded devices, and traditional compute systems. His technical contributions span the areas of high-performance computing, web application development, DevOps system administration, satellite electronics design, embedded systems software/firmware, and machine learning algorithm development. Willie has been an active Cardano developer and stake pool operator since 2019.